About Capital-38

Responsible for an expanding financial footprint spanning multiple asset classes and markets, the Capital-38 team are trusted to safeguard the family’s financial future. Reflecting the needs of a portfolio that has diversified over time, Capital-38 unites a team of investment analysts, lawyers, financiers and technology experts in pursuit of a common goal. Together we are the guardians of the family’s wealth, always finding ways to deliver security in the face of change, always there to help whenever a family member needs us.

Headquartered in London, Capital-38 is a single family office focused on building, managing and protecting wealth across generations.

Our Story

To trace the origins of our company, you need to go back to the year that gave us our name. In 1938, in a village south of Taiz in Yemen, a small company was created to manage and expand the financial interests of the Saeed Anam family. Today that company has evolved into a modern, multi-faceted wealth management organisation with influence and business interests spread across the globe. To meet the increasingly international demands of the family’s financial interests, the company established a head office in London, a city shared by many of the world’s most influential family offices. From our office in the heart of the capital, we draw upon the expertise and talent pool of one on the world’s most sophisticated and competitive financial markets.

When the family office arrived in London in 1977, it launched under the brand name Longulf Trading. As the business grew, its activities became increasingly diversified. Following a restructuring of the business early in 2020, the Capital-38 brand was established to focus exclusively on the family’s wealth management requirements.

Our Services


Real Estate

We invest in strategies ranging from large asset acquisitions to investments in real estate entities.

Liquidity Management

Our service is designed to meet short and long term cash requirements while providing promising returns that surpass expectation.

Alternative Investments

We have a wide range of investment options that meet the needs of our private clients.


To grow and protect the family’s wealth. That ambition was the driving force behind the creation of our original single family office in 1938.

Legal Advice

As the scale and international footprint of the family’s interests have expanded, so has the complexity of legal, tax and governance requirements.